Thursday, April 21, 2011

Race1-Shake-A-Leg Wednesday night race series

I arrived just after 5 p.m., Jim was the only one present from 'windsurfing group', but he decided to use some weird canoe/catamaran contraption and was assembling it. Alex showed up few minutes later. Due to perceived lighter winds few people bailed out on the race. As I was getting ready to launch, Fernando drove in and started to rig. It took me few minutes to get out out of the channel, Jim managed to capsize
and he and Alex saw a larger bull shark in the area, so Jim was pretty nervous about swimming while getting his vessel upright. By the time we got to judge's boat, participant's number increased,
Albert, Angel, couple of RSX, some guy on an old course Mikes Lab, Alex,Fernando and myself were the  windsurfing fleet, 3 kitesurfers showed up with boards that look like super short slalom boards with
multi fin configuration, I overheard that Kent said that his fins are 42cm! Winds actually were within perfect
formula range 12+ knots. From what I could see, Fernando just blew everyone away.
With his 12 m2 sail he was effortlessly blasting even through the 3rd race when the wind finally started to drop off. Overall it was great times! For $10  we got a to race plus a BBQ/beer/snacks waiting for us.
After race Alex was discussing with committee how to improve the course for next time, we had too many close calls with boats. Hope more people show up next time... See ya