Monday, April 1, 2013

Miami Windsurfing Cup Report (part 1)

Time flies… Since the beginning of March we’ve tried to pull off 3 races . Miami ended up being a challenging venue. Wind conditions were on the light side, although the forecast looked good for all 3 race dates, weeds were an annoying course obstacle each and every time (specially last race), but at the end of the day we all had a great time and hopefully learned something new. Race 1: This was a season opener, formula, Rickenbacker Causeway. We had a good mix of people from semi-pros like Ron K and Martin to newbies to the race scene like Stacey, Linda and Louis. The first 3 races were set right on the middle of the channel where all the speed boats were zipping by. I’m guessing Alex wanted to provide us with an additional thrill (it worked!). After 3 races, course was moved away from the channel and we had few more races in a less exciting “ Shit!! I’m going to die, this boat is gunning straight at me!!!’ setting. Race2: Slalom, Virginia Key, the highlight of the day was a surprise visitor by the name of Wilhelm Schurmann, BRA 999, he used a borrowed board and a 7.8 NP (smallest sail in the group.) Just to give you an idea, I was underpowered on 8.5 m2 and I think Ron was on 12m2 +formula. Still BRA 999 was able to navigate better than us through shifty winds of Virginia Key, with few weed patches here and there around the course for good measure. I think he won, but since conditions were below min for slalom racing, this one didn’t go into the books. Race3: Formula (race 2), Rickenbacker Causeway, winds were on the light side again but not too bad. The course was just outside the channel. This day was the ‘story of the weed islands’. From the start we were surrounded by the weeds, and there was no way of not catching them in numbers, plus some additional debris like plastic bags, etc. Personally, I was losing my patience half way through each race. After 2 races, the course was adjusted in hopes of getting better, less weedy real estate, a touch better but it was a character builder experience, for sure! See ya next time on the water, check facebook for next race date. Sergio K P.S. Big thanks to Alex( TIllo International) for all of his efforts in organizing this event.