Monday, August 2, 2010

Defi - Miami Addition?

Reading articles about Defi Wind in France with participation this year of 1,000 windsurfers, I ask myself why not Miami? With renovated Windsurfers Beach due to re-open fully somewhere in the end of Aug - beg. Sept, we have a perfect venue to host an event with 100+ participants that could generate much needed publicity to our sport. For the last few years Alex 'Movie Star' organized many event around Miami but participation is under 40-50 and participants are mainly dedicated racers that are minority in the sport.
My question is:
What would it take for the regular Joe/Jane windsurfer to say "This is the coolest event ever and no way I'm missing it, I'm in!"
Here are some topics with my opinions in ():
1. Fee? Free,$25,$50,$75,$100 ($20- register in advance, or $30 on the day of the event, free for kids under 16)
2. Duration: half a day, full day, 2-3 days? (1 day)
3. Scheduling?
(schedule in advance with few weekends as an option, stand by for good forecast, announce race via email 2-3 days prior to the event)
4. Wind minimum: 10,12,15 kn? (12 kn)
5. Prizes?(first man, first woman and maybe finisher 64th gets brand new sail?, prizes maybe coupons to windsurfing shops with value >$100,
maybe title King/Queen of the beach?)
6. T-shorts? (maybe)
7. Food, drinks, party? (all of the above)
8. Course? (Simple course with start/finish from the beach and 1 buoy to jibe/tack on the reach)

Soliciting your ideas, suggestions, etc...