Monday, August 2, 2010

Defi - Miami Addition?

Reading articles about Defi Wind in France with participation this year of 1,000 windsurfers, I ask myself why not Miami? With renovated Windsurfers Beach due to re-open fully somewhere in the end of Aug - beg. Sept, we have a perfect venue to host an event with 100+ participants that could generate much needed publicity to our sport. For the last few years Alex 'Movie Star' organized many event around Miami but participation is under 40-50 and participants are mainly dedicated racers that are minority in the sport.
My question is:
What would it take for the regular Joe/Jane windsurfer to say "This is the coolest event ever and no way I'm missing it, I'm in!"
Here are some topics with my opinions in ():
1. Fee? Free,$25,$50,$75,$100 ($20- register in advance, or $30 on the day of the event, free for kids under 16)
2. Duration: half a day, full day, 2-3 days? (1 day)
3. Scheduling?
(schedule in advance with few weekends as an option, stand by for good forecast, announce race via email 2-3 days prior to the event)
4. Wind minimum: 10,12,15 kn? (12 kn)
5. Prizes?(first man, first woman and maybe finisher 64th gets brand new sail?, prizes maybe coupons to windsurfing shops with value >$100,
maybe title King/Queen of the beach?)
6. T-shorts? (maybe)
7. Food, drinks, party? (all of the above)
8. Course? (Simple course with start/finish from the beach and 1 buoy to jibe/tack on the reach)

Soliciting your ideas, suggestions, etc...


  1. The Miami Summer Slog Fest. Events to include anchor drags (like tractor pulls), clew first drag races, rigging contests, largest sail on smallest board sinker race and a Slog Hog Anti Beauty Contest where contestants try to look as ugly as possible for the Slog Hog and Slog Hogget (that’s actually a sheep) Festival Crown. A Fish Head contest would work here too. Max entrance fee $2.00. T shirts to the winners.

  2. lol, that is funny Tim. This would be a great idea, but with out a big sponsor to host the event, I do not see it happening. I give much respect to Alex M. for hosting his events, but not to many folks would participate. Hosting an event in this magnitude would need municipal support I would think.

  3. I dont know if Miami has so many windsurfers for such an event. France has a much bigger middle class than America (especially now and especially in Miami which is more like Latin America (I am Latin American too)). I think people in France have more acees, exposure and inclination to the relatively complex sport of windsurfing (I lived there for nearly two years). We need look no futher than the "regular" patrons of KB beaches to see the sophistication of the ordinary Miamian (pardon any offense). Anyway, its just my two cents, but I dont see a reason that the sport needs to be expanded unless your in a business for it. Jeff, Missed the Wind Again, Stewart.

  4. From what I know 20 years back windsurfing events were very popular, and 100-200 participants was the norm, I think it would be cool+fun to have an event that would draw a large crowd...
    So once again,
    Q: what would you suggest would have a mass appeal?(be realistic/practical...)

  5. Ok, how about a low fee ($20) and you get a T-shirt for the event. BBQ and food; "for fun" races; freestyle competition. I know Liquid Sail and Sport does paddle board events and I saw them making cool wacky trophies as prizes or perhaps other prized. Also kids oriented events for small children that make them feel "cool" and like they are part of the windsurfing vibe without being difficult- cant think of anything in that dept yet but I will let you know. :)

  6. Sergio, Here are my complete suggestions:

    -$20 fee t shirt included
    - 1 day 10:00 to 6:00 or something
    - almost need to have it wind/weather dependent but should be low threshold, planing definately not necessary (its Miami, not so predictable)
    -have seats and tent, mc/announcer and stage type area
    -band would be great but will attract non windsurfers (could also have a DJ)
    -location Key Biscayne is good but Shake a Leg (though I have not been there) may be a place to consider as you could have a band?
    -bbq and drinks, alchohol as allowed - patrons pay cash (good food will always make a good event)
    -for fun course races (triangular - three bouy course) and freestyle event with unique trophy for top 1 to 3
    - small kids could get a windsurfing bracelet as a bonus
    -promotion is key, partner with Ovidio, Adventure Sport, Liquid, et al and post signs and see if there are any other partners who go draw interest
    - see you on the water!

  7. Got suggestions from Ahmed:
    $20 fee,
    Sunday, 12-4 pm,race starts from the beach, 1 buoy on the reach,
    2 laps, finish in the water close to the beach, chest deep.
    no t-shirts, no-food, but water/drinks provided,
    prize money or gift certificates from local windsurfing stores.

  8. Tim for president! I loved his suggestions and agree with them 100%! Let's face it, if there's wind, no one will want to run the race/games/food/t-shirts/etc. I do think it would be tremendous fun to organize something among ourselves and see how it goes. If it's a blast, it will grow on its own. Long ago we had costumed sailing on Halloween. I've always wanted to be a giant fish on a windsurfer. But seriously, I've been very involved with organizing an annual roller blading weekend and it's a LOT of work. Why don't we get a couple of bouys out in the water and start with a little fun racing? I volunteer to do video :)

  9. Here's my serious answer:
    1. $20 is an attractive price, no one will say no to $20.
    2. full day, 10-4. If there's an official lunch break it will give organizers a breather.
    3&4. Advance schedule two weekends in a row. First weekend is 14+. Second is whatever it is.
    5. Prizes really depend on how many sponsors we have. Mens and women's would be nice, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. A big overall prize like a sail would really attract a better crowd. Maybe have a prize for most improved over the course of the day, giving beginners something to look forward to.
    6. T-shorts? Is that like G-strings? People really feel they get their money's worth with shirts so it's definitely a factor in attracting sailors.
    7. Definitely some beverages would be appropriate, maybe a fruit & nut bar or power bar instead of real food, which gets pretty complicated. Or we could actually order pizza delivered to the beach once we know what the head count is. Or maybe snack food like bananas and fruit.
    8. Beach start is better but will some people need to uphaul due to large sails?
    There and back again is simple for those who don't know how to race.

  10. Lol, T-shorts I missed that one.

    Seems we are all in accordance with the idea. Can we agree on who will do/bring what? If we all pitch in to do something, I think the event will be an even better.

    I have a large vehicle that can haul stuff to/from the beach if needed. My better half enjoys hosting and coordinating events, I'll ask for her input.

    I definitely agree with group's idea, snacks/fruits/water during the day, pizza and beverages to end a pleasant session. That way no cooking involve(unless someone wants to barbecue), folks can bring water, snacks and fruits(to share).

    Hat, T-shirts or Rash guards? which ever it is needs to be included with the fee. What would be on the Tshirt slogan "Miami Windsurfer - Addiction Support Group" or maybe "KB Windsurfers" :).

    I would think this would be a great start for future exciting events, which would bring more folks to the bay.

  11. Anyone knows how SUP races are organized? Doesn't look like the get special permits/insurance for the events, etc...?

  12. Kent would know all that for sure. He has SUP events every week.

  13. LMAO to "t-shorts? is that like g-strings?" scarey visual :))

  14. when in doubt, i always go to urbandictionary. but this time the existing definition for tshorts is pretty dull, think we should add stacey's there too.

  15. One big difference is that T-Shorts can’t be worn inside out or upside down.

  16. hahahaha!!!! upside down. now that's creative. brings back borat images.