Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No windsurfer left behind

 I was just thinking (Boy, do I do allot of thinking), I had a great time yesterday and the day before during the evening sessions, If we can coordinate a group of windsurfer formula sailors to stick together going in the water, on the water and out of the water.

 On East Winds
  1. Start from Ovid's place 
  2. Check your lines, mast track, etc.
  3. Shoot upwind to Bear cut (close to channel marker). (10 min run)
  4. One man leads the run.
  5. Set a time, to make it to the first mark.(if you cant make it to the first mark on time, we take it as non-participant)
  6. Keep a distance between sailors (15 feet) and don't over take your partners wind.
  7. Straight down wind (10 min run)
  8. Back upwind starboard side  (10 min run)
  9. Repeat route
"Windsurfer Triangle"

        Of course this is all wind direction dependent, but on the ground prior to rigging we can take 5 min to plan out the course. After a few sessions, we would get the course and wind correlated in harmony. The whole idea is to run a triangular course, the course should be isometric. One person leads at each tack, then switch over to the next leader, everyone in the group gets a chance to lead. Very important: We wait on your sailing partners at all times. One sailor should carry an phone for emergency purposes. The key is to become more proficient with the basic skills (Early Plane, Speed, Gibes, Tacks, Fin cleaning). The competitive attitude should wait until the fun race events (Wednesday and Sunday), but during practice runs the attitude should be just for fun. I think this approach would benefit everyone, and we are able to reach more ground, water time, stamina and most important experience with proper group planning. Eventually, we can build enough stamina and proficiency to explore the entire bay as a group and even venture out to Stiltsville and beyond. Just my 2 cents.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The $100,000 backloop?

Here's a new way to get motivated to try a backloop: Apparently two guys attending the Pritchard wave camp bet each other $100,000 to stick their first backloop. Whomever of the two sails away from a backloop first wins.

I wonder if anyone won the bet?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New...

As some of you know I finally got my new slalom board!!! So it 's time to part with my old one
(the one to the right), so here it goes, for sale:
Naish Pro Slalom 105, B+, 229cm X 65cm X 105L, 38cm fin, $299 OBO
Hawaii Proline Boom, 160-210 Alum, B+,$129 OBO
North Silver Boom, 180-230 Alum,B+,$129 OBO
For more details email: