Monday, May 23, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New...

As some of you know I finally got my new slalom board!!! So it 's time to part with my old one
(the one to the right), so here it goes, for sale:
Naish Pro Slalom 105, B+, 229cm X 65cm X 105L, 38cm fin, $299 OBO
Hawaii Proline Boom, 160-210 Alum, B+,$129 OBO
North Silver Boom, 180-230 Alum,B+,$129 OBO
For more details email:


  1. I got dibs on the North Boom, unless it has been already been sold. Congrats on your new board, what is the specs on the ML?

  2. How much is your old Naish board (left)?

  3. Naish to the right is $299 OBO,
    'Naish' to the left(ML) will set you back
    $10,000 cash none negotiable