Monday, May 16, 2011

No Kiteboarding signs are up!

For anyone who hasn't seen the new signs at Hobie beach and soon coming up on Windsurfer beach. Kiteboarding as well as other activities have been banned from the causeway.
Due to the posting, police now will be able to enforce rules by fining or arresting anyone not following basic courtesy.
If we don't patrol ourselves, government will do it for us.


  1. 2 kiters on Saturday gave a nice illustration
    on why they're not welcomed at the windsurfer's beach. Coming in just a few fit away from the beach on gusty onshore winds, cutting off
    beginners and other windsurfers getting in and out, jumping in crowded area... Police assistance in this case would be great!

  2. Hi Vid,

    Your post said " Kiteboarding as well as other activities have been banned from the causeway."

    What exactly do you mean by "other activities"?

  3. Just finished posting picture with the new rules which are mostly old rules. We have seen more civilized behaviour at the causeway since the enforcing started plus now it is clean and inviting. No more rocks at the shoreline.

  4. Vid, photo is too small to zoom in for any details

  5. I noticed that we are also damaging the vegetation when rigging the sails. We sometimes have our beers too and sometimes we dump rigging lines or scotch tape on the floor... So we must make a good example and also comply with these rules. Anyway, we are the ones who most use the beach for our additvice sport.

  6. The openings to the Rickenbacker "Windsufers Beach" defininetly need to be enlarged. The planners did not do a good job consulting the windsurfers when designing the beach. Some folks rig formula sails and there is not way to get in or out of the beach through the marked openings. Not to mention the oblivious beachgoers that setup near the beach openings. What we need on the beach is more green space not beach grass. Replace beach grass with lawn grass in some section of the beach for better access to the beach and rigging space. Similar to many other causeways throughout the Florida shorelines.

  7. responding to the last post: we're lucky we got what we got since causeway redesign had nothing to do with us, it was invading species/ erosion control project. Thanks to Ovidio we got to keep access to the water, and got much improved area. We should set an example and keep area clean though, what does it take to pick a bit of trash and throw it in the collection barrel??
    One possible problem I see, closing time is 6 p.m.!

  8. For VK there should be a discount for windsurfers. Six dollars to get in?? Where is the updgrade...?,,,,, more bottles and diapers in the water + people jumping on the sails?

  9. I'd like to suggest leaving a 1 foot wide path to walk through the grass without dangerous rocks in the way. In fact, I would be happy to volunteer to replant the plants around that area. We only need a small path to walk through and I'm sure everyone would be very happy to use the path. No one actually rigs on the plants.
    Of course, we do need the path to be in a place that will allow us to carry our sails between trees and signs.

  10. I agree, There is not reason for us(Windsurfers) not to keep our playground clean. "Parking 7AM-6PM Daily" would be an issue, whatever happen to dawn to dusk rule? This does not take into account for daylight savings time? Closing the beach at 6PM is absurve if you ask me. We all pay taxes (one way or another) and we should be able to go to the beach during daylight hours. All we need now is to come back from a great session to be greeted by a parking tickets on each car.

    Parking Ordinance More info:

  11. As far as i know, 6pm means, no more cars are allowed to park inside gates, anyone at the beach does not have to leave. County held numerous meetings to inform and get feedback from public including windsurfers. What is done is done, now we might be able to bend rules a bit as long as we behave like respectful adults unlike the behaviour shown by kiters last night at the causeway.

  12. Sort of an oxymoronic Sign. "welcomes you?"

  13. what is up with no alcohol??

  14. alcohol makes me jibe faster.
    alcohol makes me get rid of sea sickness
    alcohol makes me a happy camper.

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