Saturday, September 14, 2013

MIAMI SLALOM OPEN 2013, October 18-20, Virginia Key , Miami

Just of the press… Alex Morales announced early registration for Miami Slalom Open event (Oct. 18-20 Virginia Key)!!! This is a great event in a great location, this year with even larger Pro fleet, additional racing format; all will be bigger, better. As always I’m on my personal quest to get more local windsurfers to participate in the event. Dust of your boards/sails boys and girls, this is the windsurfing event of the year in Miami, break open that piggy bank, sign up and support your sport! … And this is Challenge to Windsurfing Industry’s ‘big wigs’ that call Miami home, you know who you’re… Put your petty squabbles aside, and DO SOMETHING to support a home grown event, do it for the sport that gave you many years of joy and basically your careers. Karma swings both ways, you know… OK, enough said