What to buy

Windsurfing is a very equipment-intensive sport and gear evolves rapidly, so unless you’re independently wealthy, you have to be careful how to spend your hard-earned money, here’re some tips with Miami's condition twist:

Ask locals what works for them. Note: pick the dude that actually zipping back and forth and not the one seating at the beach, spinning a tale of a great Maui wave scene – you’re not on Maui... That said, average Miami winds are less than 12 knots so your best bet (if you want to have fun ON THE WATER) is a modern wide board >80cm and sail >8.0m2.. New gear could be pricey, but with healthy second hand market in the area, you can get stuff 70%-80% off original price.

On those days when the wind goes into overdrive (not as many as everyone would like) 110–80 L slalom/free-wave/wave boards and sails in 7.0-4.0 m2 range enjoyed by local windsurfing scene.