Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miracles Do Happen

Karma works in mysterious ways, typicaly windsurfers are known to be honest, gracious, respectable people. Yesterday afternoon I received a text from Ahmed, "Congratulations.... Lost but not forgotten" I was like "Do you know something I dont?", I received another text "Falcon board for u $40". I was like woah, I can believe this is true. I was like a kid waiting to go to ToyRus after dad promised him a toy. Little to be hold it was true, I headed to the bay to pick up the board. Our fellow windsufer "Pedro" was kind enough to buy the board from an unamed mariner individual and brought the board to the bay. The board had a small crack near the nose of the board, the brass nut that holds the mast foot to the board had split in two pieces in the mast track. I took a picture of the culprit that could have taken my life. I owe it to the gentlemen that recoverd the board and the great winsurfer friends. Many thanks to everyone!


  1. It is always the weakest link the one that breaks the chain.

  2. Never heard of brass nut splitting into 2,
    another line on a check list when rigging...
    On the positive side, this is another example how great windsurfing community is, it attracts the best people!