Sunday, June 5, 2011


What a week I've had. Six out of eight days at VK in great, great winds. I learned more this week than I have in six months, once again proving my axiom, Windsurfers Need Wind. I saw nary a shark, but several 3-foot brown rays. I had my whole quiver with me and used every bit of it: 5.0, 6.3 & 8.5 sails, 140, 112 & 86 ltr boards. I learned a lot about my own equipment. I nailed down yet another step in my now two-year quest for great jibing.

The highlight, though, was the waves. This was the first time I really played in breaking waves. What a blast. It was like discovering a whole new world of windsurfing. I finally felt comfortable enough to really "use the real estate" and pick how I would approach and handle each wave. Surfing down them I could hear the Hawaii 5-0 theme song playing in my head. only wish the wind were a little more from the east so I could stay in them longer on the starboard tack.

Pray for Wind!!!


  1. Awesome news, unfortunately for me I sat the sideline during the epic session(s). But I am enlighten to hear your "VaKation" experience. I am sure a bunch of folks are exhausted from the past week Virginia Key - high wind, bump and jump sessions. :)

  2. I took today off, though the wind was might nice, but as the day wound down, I started jonesing for WSing. I wish we had webcams so I could sail vicariously.
    I think I may have withdrawal this weekend.