Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The 'last board...' project (Witchcraft Sailboards)

Baby is home, was a bit of a headache with customs, etc... but it's here now and ready for action!
Board finished... now fins and shipping from Fuerteventura to Miami...
Witchcraft Sailboards Fuerteventura, work in progress...


  1. Sergio K,
    Your future new wave board looks very pretty. The colors are very pretty and the three pretty holes in the back look very pretty. The green pretty color looks fantastic and the gradient effect combined with the grey pretty design create a pretty nice little contrast. The font is very fantastic and the pretty name is iconic. You defenetly know your boards and this one has been the most disticnt among your amazing quiver of designer boards.

    1. Anonymous, I get a feeling I have to pay you
      for this fantastic endorsement of my 'knowledge and taste'... can I hare you so you can tell people how great I am?

  2. me too!
    Where can I get one of those!!
    WOW! Two thumbs up! High five! Bulla!

  3. This board kicks ass... and at totally different level comparing to anything I tried before (wave boards, that is). If you can afford it.. get it!

  4. Which model did you get? Curious about the design.
    Tell us how it feels different?

  5. it's a custom, based on Bouke's latest Shaman line, even shorter/ lower volume/ wider.
    V.80l w.58.4cm l.218cm arc 222cm, ultra light carbon construction, shock absorbers in foot pads,
    center slot box to lower the weight. Of course, Witchcraft's 3 fins in light contraction, they barely weigh anything...
    planning/jibing/upwind/downwind angles/control/jumping are all way above anything else I tried. the only thing board doesn't like is to go in a straight line for a long time, but that's not what I ordered this board for, I have slalom boards for that.

  6. Hi Sergio,

    I am not from Florida but I ended up in this page. Your board looks amazing.

    How does the board feel when you jibe the wave?
    Does it slide easily at the lip of the wave? How does the wave energy gets transfered when you carve the board with your toes at the bottom turn?

  7. Hi there, I'm not what you'd call true wave rider,
    and waves in Miami on the small side... what I can say is the board feels very natural and responsive on the waves. If you want more technical review
    of Witchcraft boards like Chakra and Shaman you
    can check out 'boards forum', there're few threads with detail discussion.

  8. Good design!!!

  9. Do you know if this people also do SUP boards?

  10. you can contact them directly(, but why would you want them to do SUP? SUP is a very different type of the board, they are best in windsurfing wave boards. There lots of custom shapers out there that do SUP, most
    surfboard shops...