Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Support your local board builder(part II)...

For the last few years Alex (Tillo International) while producing top slalom/formula FINS(Ifju) also has been working hard on slalom and formula BOARDS. He's recent slaloms did really well at Miami Slalom Open. While 2 weeks ago, after MiamiPro-AM/Formula I had a chance to test he's new formula board. To be honest, after 3 days of racing, the last thing I wanted to do was to try something I'm not dialed into :), but Alex insisted and I still had my sail rigged laying by the water. First impression, the board was 'easy', pumped quick on the plane, ride was very smooth, so even though I was tired I took it for a few more runs. Wish I had someone else on the water to benchmark against, but angle/speed felt excellent. Final note: In 2 months or so. Alex and I'll start working on my new 'secret super formula' project. We'll keep you posted.


  1. Finally... something made in the F***ing USA, and with excellent quality.

  2. HELL YEAH... USA....USA....USA..:)

  3. specs: 222x92 118 L,, special cut outs for smooooth jibing and control, fin 68-56 cm..., dry weight 15.5 lb, testing in progress :)