Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shake-A-Leg Wednesday night race series- part II

It's only the second time we had the race and already we have a big dilemma (welcome to Miami:))
First, organizers do spend money on the event (boat/gas/logistics/etc/ and a grill/food/beer),
by launching from the causeway we are not paying $10 they want us to donate per each race.
Second, race starts close to 7 p.m. just as the wind is starting to die...
And the last issue, they do prefer for us to use Shake-A-Leg as launch so they can coordinate things better.

Soliciting ideas on how we can find a solution here....


  1. 1. Donation: I don't mind making the donations when doing the races.. I think that is just fair regarding the launch for those whom have their gears on a large truck all the time (Majority) is very convenient.

    2. Start Time: Yep I didn't stay for the rest of the race because was pretty late as well. didn't start until about 7:00pm last time.

    3. Shake-a-Leg Launch: In may case it's complicated as my Formula board doesn't fit well inside my car, If I have to have it on the roof rack I can't park in my building thus having to ditch another $10-12 for parking on a outside lot with my gear under the sun all day. I one of the few that keeps my formula gear at Ovideo's storage facility but I think that most people like the bay better for launching. maybe a little website with the course details and a paypal link for the donations could help organizing different launch sites.

  2. I agree with Rodrigo, if Shake A Leg had a donation/paypal payment on their website. I would have no problems donating for the race. In the age of the internet I do see why not have a online registration form where Shake A leg can account for the numbers of participates. Between paypal and online registration would resolve the funds and accountability; Wheather the person shows up is up to the person. Sailor must register with a sail number to help identify participants on the water.

  3. What I'm hearing, group doesn't want to launch from S-A-L....
    Would you guys be interested in BBQ after race, or it's too much of a hassle to get to Shake-A-Leg?
    Would it make sense to pay for whole series or per each event?

  4. My Opinion:

    1. Launching from S-A-L for me is just complicated due to logistics not being in favor until I save money for a VAN :)

    2. BBQ&Beer after Race is a great idea... now the going from the Bay to Coconut Grove that late is a lot of traffic... I know the bay is no place for that anymore specially after 8:00pm but there is a bar/restaurant right across from the Bay no !? passing the bridge. (Most likely I would make some and not others)

    3. Each event would be good.

  5. Here is my 2cents:

    1. Actually I dont mind lauching from either location. I would like to have the option to pay for the races from my office or home.

    2. Registration should be required with each paying participant. Added bonus would be a "Shake-A-Leg Wendsday Night Race" sail decal.

    3. I would prefer pay per event.

  6. How about the Shake a leg race this week (May 4th)? Will there be a race for the windsurfers? Registration? Or perhaps to come in the future.