Monday, October 24, 2011

Virginia Key Race recap:

Time flies and from what I recall it’s 4th year ‘Alex the Movie Star and Co’ had organized slalom
action at VK in the end of October. This year, unlike the past, solid winds showed up only
the last possible minute and saved the regatta with at least 7 races in each class on Sunday. When
NE winds pick up at Virginia Key it’s the best place on earth to race, flat on the inside, small white caps and rollers on the outside (where the outside buoys were set) and close enough to the shore for spectators to observe speed, crashes, pile ups, etc…
54 participants,  7 fleets… We had four world class slalom racers from Europe, Australia, Brazil and US,
kids from Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic and US, wow!

From our ‘causeway’ gang we had only small group: me, Ahmed, Stacey and Ludovico – all had great time.

FYI: for local formula hot shots, although this is a slalom race, there was an open class that allowed for any board/sail that was won by Ron Kern on formula board.


  1. As a serious non-racer, I have to say I had a great time, and though the winds were evasive much of the time, I think everyone really enjoyed it. Racing makes you focus and do things you might never otherwise get around to. I'm still reliving the feeling of being fully powered up on my 8.5 & 140ltr, heading downwind in what for me were pretty darned big waves. It was a whole new sailing experience. I'm still stoked!

  2. I could not race this time.
    I had a problem with my boom and batten repair got bad.
    But what a great event the "leyend" pulled out.