Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Water Sports Swap Meet October 29 10am-1pm

One more time an opportunity to trade, buy or sell equipment. We will start at 10am until around 1pm, please keep roads clear and be nice to the cops and the sea grasses. No commercial vehicles or large trailers permitted. Adjacent to Sailboards Miami's site.
More information coming up, save the date!


  1. A certain orange 112 Bic Techno Medium 2003 112l trs 63cm wide, with fin is for sale at very affordable price. A great first smaller board, sails smoother than any other board I've tried, jibes great, excellent at VK. Check with me or Ovidio at Sailboards Miami.

  2. To start, I have a couple of deep tuttle "Formula fins" I may let go this time around(Weed fin 42cm, Curtis Racing Fin 70cm, Drake Fin 70cm). 2 Mistral Wingliders (A+ condition). 2007 160ltr Starboard Formula Experience board (C Condition) or a 2009 125ltr Fanatic Falcon Board for the right price (TBD) A+ condition.

    Fanatic Falcon board at play:
    2009 Fanatic Falcon

    Mistral Windglider:

    2007 160ltr Starboard Formula Experience:
    Starboard FE

    Happy Windsurfing,

  3. Ezzy 8.5 Infinity for sale!!!
    Don't let the year (2004) fool you. It's got years of life in it yet. Easy to rig, great wind range. Uses 490 mast & 230 boom.

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