Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Board Repair by Alex

Hot off the press...
Since Alex ("Movie Star") moved into his new house and has an in-house work shop, in addition to making
famous fins, boards, etc., he will now offer a 'speedy' board repair, for more information call :  786-488-1961


  1. dos hi also repare kitebords?
    i have many kiteborder frends witha lot off brakes and holes.

  2. i also haf a friend and hi comes from vietnanm.
    very old and funi man and he also like the yello banana kayak. do he also make repare to the yello kayac?

  3. Yes, on kiteboards, similar structure as in
    windsurfing boards, just checked with Alex.

    Not sure on kayak - you can call and check with him